VISA: Winter Internship Programme

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The Visa Internship Program is the biggest step you can take to joining our Revolution of Payments Innovation.


Throughout the 12 weeks at Visa, you will take on meaningful work, get executive exposure, engage in out-of-the-box problem solving, and participate in social and community service activities.

From technology to business, we are looking for people who can innovate, collaborate, and drive Visa into the next era of an already rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

If you’re up for the challenge, please consider joining our team.

The Visa Business Solutions (VBS) team is a world-class commercial organization experiencing tremendous, double-digit growth as we expand into new payment flows and continue to grow our core card solutions.

Our clients and partners deploy our solutions to serve the needs of Small Businesses, Middle Market Clients, Large Corporate Clients and Governments.

We work closely with Financial Institutions, Issuers, Merchants, FinTechs and other ecosystem players to deliver these services.

We believe that the market is at an inflection point whereby Visa can play a larger role in building and delivering solutions around the world.

Our focus within Business Solutions is to identify needs, assess opportunities and options and quickly act upon our vision while ensuring strong execution. 

The intern will be involved in the following:

  • Identify opportunities for Visa to deepen its engagement footprint for SMEs
  • Research and identify client needs and solution gaps that can be profitably met with new product launches or existing product enhancements
  • Prepare an execution go-to-market plan for the proposed solution 


  • Students pursuing a Bachelor’s, Honors or Masters Degree with a graduation date in summer 2025 or 2026
  • Be available to pursue a winter internship (June 4 to August 29th)
  • Excellent communication, story-telling and presentation skills 
  • All disciplines welcome to apply
  • Strong PowerPoint and excel skills are desired
  • Superior analytical and financial analysis skills
  • Strong collaboration skills with a diverse peer group required
  • Able to articulate viewpoint effectively to key stakeholders in order to get buy in and agreement
  • Self-confident and hands-on, with the ability to operate in a fast paced and constantly changing work environment.


Please note: 

Winter Intern - Visa Business Solutions is for Current Students.



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