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Logistics and supply chain management orchestrates the efficient flow of goods and services from production to delivery, optimising processes to minimise costs and enhance productivity. If this field interests you, you should check out the courses offered at Open Learning Group. 

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Open Learning Group (OLG) is a reputable Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) established in 1997. They are committed to making a meaningful impact on individuals' career aspirations and contributing to a better-skilled Africa, OLG employs a blended distance learning model. 

This approach combines distance learning, learnerships, skills programmes, and short learning programmes with contact sessions, providing students with flexibility while maintaining academic rigour.

OLG is accredited and upholds the highest academic and industry standards to ensure the quality of education. The institution offers a diverse range of accredited programs designed to meet the needs of students and align with industry standards. 

They offer Further Education and Training (FET) learnerships, skills training, and short learning programs are also available, with collaborations with companies to facilitate professional development for employees.

Logistics & Supply Chain

OLG offers several Different Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programmes, such as:

Project Management

OLG offers two Project Management Programmes:

Procurement Management

OLG offers three different Procurement Management Courses:

OLG says by choosing to study with them, students can expect a high standard of education, industry relevance, and the support needed to achieve their career goals. 

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