Where To Find SAPS Application Form For Jobs

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Police play a critical role in society as they work to ensure members of a society are safe. To achieve this, the South African Police service requires a flow of individuals entering their ranks willing to protect and serve.

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Members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) are responsible for preventing, combating or investigating crime. This responsibility can fall within different sectors of society and require individuals with training and experience in different specialisations.

The SAPS offers careers in various fields. If you join the SAPS you can either become a police official or a civilian employee. To apply to join the SAPS, individuals are required to fill out an official SAPS application form.

Where To Find SAPS Application Form For Jobs

SAPS Application forms can be downloaded from the careers page on the official SAPS website.

New positions and vacancies in the SAPS are advertised on several media publications and online platforms. The job advertisement will contain information on how and where you may be employed if your application is successful.

Applicants are reminded that while job advertisements stipulate where they will be employed, they must be prepared to serve anywhere in South Africa where their services may be required.

New police recruits will be required to undergo a basic training programme. Once their basic training is completed, they will work as a community service centre official.

Here Are Careers Applicant Can Follow After Completing Basic Training

  • Investigator at the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation
  • Communication Interception Official 
  • Crime Information Gatherer 
  • Closure Protector 
  • Bomb Technicians 
  • General Investigator 
  • Criminal Record Centre Official
  • Crime Prevention Officer 
  • Equestrian Unit Rider 
  • Dog Handler 
  • Special Task Force
  • Detective
  • Border Police 
  • Air Wing official 
  • Hostage Negotiators 
  • Forensic Scientists 

Several of the above-mentioned careers will require applicants to participate in further training and/or have certain academic qualifications.

Applicants must comply with the following conditions

Applicants must ensure they fill out the official application form and affirm under oath that the information they provide on the application form is true and correct.

Individuals must provide proof that they are permanent residents of South Africa in the form of Identification Documents.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and younger than 30 years old to apply. They will also be required to undergo a medical examination and must be found to be physically fit for the post they applied for.

They will also be required to undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner of the SAPS and be found fit to the profile of a police officer.

SAPS requires that applicants have a Grade 12 senior certificate or an equivalent qualification. Applicants will be required to provide proof of their qualifications.

Applicants are required to be fluent in English and one other official language.


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