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The dynamic new world of work is characterised by increased competition, automation and outsourcing, rising unemployment and skills shortages to name a few. To help the South African working professional develop a better understanding of the current career landscape GetSmarter has released its 2013 Career Guide.

Career guidance for professionals

Career success is no longer solely dependent on the number of skills or degree of knowledge obtained in a classroom. In modern business environments there are many more variables that can either contribute to or ruin your chance of success.

The 2013 Career Guide produced by GetSmarter highlights some unconventional skills professionals you will need to survive in the 21st century world of work. These skills centre on the ability to effectively interact with others in a digital work context.

Your people skills will have an indelible impact on your performance at work. Skills like flexibility, communication and negotiation will become more important as office dynamics evolve.

Do you appreciate diversity? According to the research, learning to accept and appreciate work colleagues is becoming more significant as companies redefine their recruitment strategies to include people from different cultures and nationalities.

The ability to connect, collaborate and engage with a variety of stakeholders, from team members to external media will mark you as a savvy new age professional. There is also a greater focus on becoming self-reliant, handling uncertainties and cultivating problem-solving skills.

Continuous learning and personal development is central to your performance and your ability to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. GetSmarter provides three inexpensive, simple and practical ways to upgrade your skills and stay ahead of the pack.

Tip #1

“Ask to be involved in one different project at work that exposes you to a skill you may not already possess.” If you are not employed volunteer for projects in your community that will provide a platform to meet new people and learn a new skill.

Tip #2

Spend time reading relevant material which you can access by subscribing to digital newsletters. Look for information that is pertinent to your industry, but also keep abreast of current affairs and technological advances.

Tip #3

“Expertise in areas such as online research, Photoshop, social media, design or blogging is now in demand.” Start your own blog and experiment on a digital platform. Sharing opinions through online social networks is becoming a popular feature of the 21st century office. Make a point of commenting on relevant articles to gain confidence sharing online.

For more insights check out the GetSmarter 2013 Career Guide or read our article about it.

By Cindy Payle

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