How To Apply For Jobs At Burger King

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BURGER KING® South Africa plans to keep contributing to the South African economy and creating a significant number of jobs for South Africans over the years. Check out this easy way to apply for jobs at Burger King South Africa.

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Burger King Vacancies

Burger King is a global fast-food chain that also has locations in South Africa. The first Burger King restaurant in South Africa was opened in 2013, and the brand has since expanded to several locations throughout the country. 

Burger King's recruitment team is hot on the heels and a bunch of passionate, skilled and experienced people have made their careers with Burger King. If you’ve got your game, they have got your career sorted. With so many outlets across the country now you are much more likely to find a Burger King job vacancy near you.

Burger King Careers

Burger King South Africa offers a range of job types and career options, including restaurant management positions, customer service positions and kitchen staff positions. Some common job titles include crew member, cashier, cook, shift supervisor and restaurant manager.The Burger King restaurant teams are always recruiting for the crew members, crew trainers, service leaders, lobby hosts, supervisors and assistant restaurant managers, as well as corporate staff. 

If you are looking for an opportunity at one of Burger King's franchises, you can follow the below steps to apply. It’s simply.

How To Apply and Complete the Burger King Job Application

  1. Visit the Burger King website

  2. Click on vacancies to view available jobs

  3. If you find a job that interests you can email your CV to [email protected] (or [email protected] or [email protected]) or if you're interested in joining the restaurant team, you can drop your CV off at your nearest Burger King branch

You might need to submit the following along with your CV:

  • A South African ID 

Please note:

  • You'll need to be able to work retail hours and work shifts, including weekends and Public Holidays
  • A minimum qualification of Grade 12 (or equivalent) is required
  • Burger King reserves the right to conduct Employee Verification Checks, including but not limited to Criminal and Credit Checks

Note that the specific steps and requirements for getting a job at Burger King may vary depending on your location and the position you're applying for. It's a good idea to visit the Burger King career website or contact your local Burger King restaurant to get more information about the hiring process.

Overall, Burger King in South Africa offers a range of career opportunities for individuals who are interested in working in the fast-food industry. With competitive salaries, benefits and training programmes, Burger King provides a supportive work environment for its employees to grow and succeed.

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