For information on student loans that are available to help you pay for your university or FET College student fees look no further. We have a comprehensive list of both public and private student loans offered by major banks, NSFAS and Eduloan.

There are so many possibilities out there for you and with Standard Bank those possibilities can become a reality. Standard Bank offers student loans to help take care of your study expenses, while offering a competitive interest rate. But there is more, they currently have a great competition running alongside their student loans as well. And you could stand to win!

Fasset, Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services, launched an innovative Loan Repayment Grant for NSFAS (the National Student Financial Aid Scheme).

From FNB student loans you can get a loan from R4 000 to finance further and higher education including books and tuition fees.

What can I do with my FNB Bank student loan?

You can apply for a bank loan from your local bank branch and you may also be the winner of a Nissan Micra or an Apple iPad. Apply for a student loan before the 7 April and if you are successful you may also be one of the winners.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa (NSFAS) seeks to impact on South Africa`s historically skewed student population by providing student loans to enable academically deserving and financially needy students to study at university or FET College.


Over R4 billion in loans and bursaries is now available through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) that administers loans and bursaries to eligible students needing help to pay for their studies at public universities and Further Education and Training Colleges in South Africa.


“With South Africa being in its first official recession for 17 years and global markets crashing like dominoes, everyone is ‘downsizing’ in some or other way – and gift-giving is no exception”. Eduloan’s CEO, Johan Wasserfall, says “When it comes to buying a gift for someone you care about, flash and expense are no longer ‘in’ – now, more than ever, it’s the thought that counts’ when giving a gift.

Still paying off your varsity fees? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has released its latest funding plan to help former students pay off university debts. The processes have been put in place through NSFAS in cooperation with the various public universities nationwide, who are now informing ex-students about this special fund to help them pay off their student debts.


With the focus during August being on the role of women in South African society, it’s important to work towards changing the mindset of young women from impoverished communities.Many teenage girls have no vision of themselves playing leading roles in our society and economy, yet there is no valid reason for this being the case.

Freedom at last! No more uniforms and no more pesky teachers. That’s awesome, but with freedom comes responsibilities.

Now is the time for matric learners to seriously think about their future and put their applications in at their preferred university, based on June Grade 12 results. If they wait until they receive their matric certificate, they may be too late to apply to study at university next year.

Getting the right qualification is your key to success in a competitive world but, with tertiary education becoming more and more costly, those dreams of success can seem so far away.

Not anymore! A Nedbank Student Loan gives prospective students and parents peace of mind and a sense of financial security knowing that funds are available for further studies.


If you’ve decided to get financing from a South African bank, you’ll need to fit certain requirements before you can take out a study loan.

There is a world of exciting possibilities out there. You simply have to grab hold of them. After all, you have the world at your feet - your time is now! Standard Bank student loans can help you.


There are many world-renowned universities in South Africa from which you can get an education. But, also expect to pay between R10 000 and R20 000 for each year of undergraduate study – and if you’re pursuing a specialised degree, such as medicine or engineering, it may cost you more.

An Absa Student Loan gives you access to hassle-free financing for your studies. This way you can concentrate on your education and studies without worrying about huge monthly bills. Read on to find out more about a study loan from Absa.


Your study loan instalments may be manageable, but are you aware of your total cost of study, or even what interest rate you are paying? Too often, cash-strapped students opt for low payment options with high interest rates, without taking into account their working years, or the repurcussions on their careers.

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