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The Document Warehouse is offering five selected bursaries to disadvantaged individuals who want to up skill in the field of records management and uplift their circumstances in life. The training courses in records management are aligned to SAQA, International standards (ISO) and National Achieves.

Qualified trainers will teach five selected students how to use their natural organisational skills to complete a national certificate in records management. Once completed the delegates will be empowered to help any business with their file and document management. Graduates will be able to plan, organise and maintain their documents with ease.

Five study bursaries available in records management

• Open to previously disadvantaged individuals who are unemployed but have previously worked in the corporate or government sector.
• Would like to receive a nationally recognised certificate of competence in the field of Records Management
• Would like to learn the correct way to file documents and records
• Become skilled in Planning, monitoring and implementation of a systematic filing system in a business environment.
• Become confident and motivated in the field of Records Management
• Receive tuition from highly qualified Seta accredited and subject matter experts
• Receive all stationary items, reference manuals, and necessary support and guidance
• Add value to their existing job or grab a chance to find employment within the corporate or government sectors that need this scare skill for their records management
• Receive an outfit (uniform) for either their interview for a new job, or their new position in their existing company

Each course will run over a 3 day period every month. Each selected individual would be required to attend all of the courses and present a portfolio of evidence at the end of the process before they are awarded a certificate of competence.

The five selected individuals will be supplied with a uniform consisting of either a pants suit or a skirt suit, for the women, together with two shirts or blouses and a suit jacket. The aim is to provide them them with the confidence to begin job hunting and equip them with the proper wardrobe to get themselves motivated to begin looking for a position, armed with their new skills. This will be supplied by the sponsoring partner Creative Lime.

These individuals would also receive a gift hamper from Creative Lime. This will consist of a complete stationary set to be used while learning and training with The Document Warehouse.

The entire course will take approximately 3 months to complete, however the training itself will only take 12 days.

Prospective learners must complete the bursary form and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Records Management?

Records Management is the management of information resources in a manner that makes information easily accessible, securely protected, stored and disposed of when no longer required for administrative, legal, executive and operational functions.

The core concept is the life cycle of information, which sees information having a series of phases from creation to final disposition, either through a controlled destruction process or being added to the permanent archive.

Records Management Training

Practical Records Management training in the “Art of filing” specially designed for the Public and Private Sector. This training is based on SAQA Unit Standards as well as the requirements stipulated by National Archives Act; ISO Standards; Companies Act; King III Report; Promotion of Access to Information Act; and Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

Our trainers are highly qualified in Records Management and accredited by Services Seta and ETQA as Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators. Our training programmes are aligned to National Archives of South Africa and endorsed by National Archives of Namibia.

What the course covers

Records Management workshops aligned to National Archives Act & Promotion of Access to Information Act.

 Value of Records
 Mailroom Functions
 Design of a functional registry
 The Information Audit
 Understanding Classification systems,
 Schedule for Records other than Correspondence
 Allocating reference numbers to documents
 Compilation of a functional subject File Plan
 How to open/close a file
 Maintenance of file plan
 Maintenance of Records and files
 Maintenance of Registry
 Records Management Policy
 Records Management Procedures
 Disposal Authorities
 Archiving Principals

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